Why is a workup important?

We have many patients with migraine headaches who see an opportunity for a surgical cure for their pain and want to proceed immediately to surgery at Migraine Surgery Specialty Center without any other workup- this is a mistake.  Every patient who has surgery for their migraines needs a neurology workup including an MRI of the…

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Migraine Headaches in San Diego?

As you can see from the photo above I took in San Diego this weekend, Coronado is quite a beautiful spot.  Sometimes when visiting such a wonderful place it can be hard to believe that there are folks suffering even close by. Importantly, you can have a migraine in Coronado, or in any relative paradise. …

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Air Quality, Smoke, and Migraine Headaches

Recently I’ve been posting “Triggers of the week” on Instagram, discussing different triggers that cause patients to have migraine headaches.  There has been a lot of responses to these posts, with patients chiming in that “even if foods are cooked with wine. Within minutes my head reacts,” or “BRIGHT lights – flashing or not flashing…

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Migraine Headache Severity

Recently one of the Facebook groups for migraine headaches and occipital neuralgia contained and interesting post.  A migraine headache patient began by saying that she did not mean to insult anyone, but she could not understand how some migraine headache sufferers could have severe pain and still go about their lives.  She alluded that such…

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What to do with a normal MRI? BE HAPPY!

On social media, I’m seeing a lot of panic on multiple group sites in patients who have a normal MRI results in the face of pain symptoms.  It is important to remember that many patients with Migraine and most patients with Occipital Neuralgia have NORMAL MRI STUDIES.  This should be taken as good news, since…

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Looking for suggestions… How do we get the word out?

Yesterday I saw yet another migraine headache patient who was a week out from her migraine surgery, and yet again this patient was thrilled with the migraine relief.  She told me she felt that the migraine surgery changed her life.  She was all smiles in the followup appointment, as opposed to completely dreary when I…

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