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Our headache centers in California and Colorado have grown from a passion of Dr. Lowenstein who has spent years suffering from migraine headaches himself. As an accomplished plastic surgeon with over twenty years of experience, Dr. Lowenstein has embraced the cutting edge field of headache surgery, providing the highest level of care to our patients.

Our migraine surgery center has been personally designed by Dr. Lowenstein from the ground up to provide comfortable, state of the art care to our patients. Dr. Lowenstein has hand picked staff who are knowledgable, friendly, and proficient in patient care and optimization of your entire experience.

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A New Approach to Headache Pain. An approach that provides relief in 93% of patients.

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A New Approach

For too long, headache and migraine pain has been treated as a medical issue, attempting to address the PHYSIOLOGY rather than the ANATOMY of the painful symptoms.

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Dr. Adam Lowenstein

Dr. Lowenstein’s interest in migraine surgery stems from suffering with migraine headaches himself for over 20 years. At Migraine Surgery Specialty Center, Dr. Lowenstein is excited to provide pain relief for migraine headache and occipital neuralgia patients using Botox as well as nerve decompression surgery. Dr. Lowenstein prides himself in his dedication to outstanding patient care… You should expect your consultation with Dr. Lowenstein to be comfortable, informative, and respectful.

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For patients who suffer severe or chronic migraines, medications and other remedies do not always prove useful. In these cases, headache symptoms can be debilitating and can eventually affect your quality of life. Our headache center in Santa Barbara is dedicated to restoring the comfort and happiness of patients who suffer migraines.

Our migraine quiz is the first step to helping patients understand more about their symptoms and whether migraine surgery is a suitable option. Take the quiz today to determine if you are a candidate!

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It’s been almost 3 months since my surgery and my life has changed completely. I was suffering from severe migraines almost every day for about 15 years. No drugs or other therapies were working for me. Dr. Lowenstein was willing to help me even though I am from Europe, Slovakia. He’s the best doctor I’ve ever met, a real professional and a man with a big heart.

– Sona K

Dr. Adam Lowenstein is featured discussing migraine surgery on the podcast “Beauty and the Surgeon”

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