As part of our ongoing commitment to patient education, Dr. Lowenstein and his staff’s priority is to communicate and explain your treatment options in detail. Our goal is to ensure that all our patients have the information they need about migraines and headaches.

Our headache centers in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and Denver were built from Dr. Lowenstein’s passion and personal experience with migraine headaches. As an accomplished plastic surgeon with over fifteen years of experience, Dr. Lowenstein has championed the cutting-edge field of migraine headache surgery, studying with some of the world’s most experienced experts to provide the highest level of care to our patients.

Dr. Lowenstein has personally designed our Santa Barbara office and adjacent surgery center from the ground up to provide comfortable, state of the art care to our patients. He’s also personally handpicked knowledgeable, friendly, and proficient staff in patient care to improve their experience in our centers. Because of the growing need for migraine relief, Dr. Lowenstein has since opened new offices in Santa Monica and Dever for his Los Angles and Colorado patients, respectively.

The operating facilities at Migraine Surgery Specialty Center have similarly been designed by Dr. Lowenstein to optimize patients experience. Our center’s unique features include soft lighting in the pre and postoperative areas, along with a comfortable private recovery room for headache surgery patients. These are some of the many features that were incorporated to create the best operative environment for our patients.

About Our Headache Treatment Office

What makes Migraine Surgery Specialty Center different?

Aside from the highly personalized treatment from our staff, Dr. Lowenstein’s personal operating facility is highly equipped with the best instrumentation and tools needed for your migraine surgery. These surgical tools are often very fine and specific, and our facility is particular in using only the best. In fact, Dr. Lowenstein chooses and buys all instruments himself, and they are only allowed to be used by him. His attention to detail and control of his operating environment ensures that he produces the best results.

How is my recovery experience at Migraine Surgery Specialty Center?

Because of our personalized nature of care, our facility is equipped with a single-patient operating room. While many migraine patients experience recovery in a shared, often crowded large room, it will not be the case for our patients. Following your surgery, you will have a one-to-one recovery experience with one of our experienced nurses. In addition, our operating facility is adjacent to our offices, so Dr. Lowenstein would be available to see you during your recovery period if needed.

What kind of operative team do you work with?

At Migraine Surgery Specialty Center, all our operative and clinical staff are hired and trained by Dr. Lowenstein himself. Each staff member is an expert in their field and highly familiar with the operations performed. Dr. Lowenstein surrounds himself with the best people to provide the highest level of care; hence all our staff are professional and motivated individuals who work with a great passion for their job.

Where does Dr. Lowenstein's conduct his surgery?

Because of the specialized nature of the outpatient surgery, all operative procedures are performed at our Santa Barbara facility. This is because of the center’s top-notch operating facilities and experienced migraine surgery team. Patients can visit Dr. Lowenstein in his Los Angeles, Denver, and Santa Barbara center for evaluation and screening, as well as postoperative consultation.

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