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I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Lowenstein and his staff- I had migraine surgery by Dr. Lowenstein in April of this year and he gave me my life back- I had decompression of my GON, LON, and TONs on both sides and it has changed my world.

Dr. Lowenstein pays so much attention to every detail, he obviously cares incredibly about his patients but also their loved ones- he understands how migraine pain can affect you and also your family since he suffers from occipital neuralgia and migraines himself. Over the last 10 years I’ve been to so many doctors and he is clearly different from them all. He gets it. I had been told there was nothing left to try by several doctors and now I have my life back because I had a consultation with Dr. Lowenstein.

Initially he spent a lot of time listening and making sure that my family and I understood what was going on and how he could help me. He is not quick to recommend surgery if you are not a candidate, and he will also discuss nerve blocks and Botox with you as an alternative as he did with me. I had undergone multiple failed nerve blocks in the past, but when Dr. Lowenstein mapped out my nerve issues all of his blocks worked immediately.

So many of us are unaware that this surgery exists, and so many neurologists and pain doctors are the same way. If you are suffering from migraines or occipital neuralgia I strongly recommend that you consider a consultation with Dr. Lowenstein. Even if you are not thrilled with the idea of surgery, Dr. Lowenstein can really explain things in a way that so many other doctors just don’t seem to understand.

Even though I don’t live near his center and had to travel, I decided to go with the migraine surgery since I had been through so much before meeting Dr. Lowenstein, and I’m so glad I did. I’m able to go out and live my life and look forward to doing things again!

– Monique Linum, Google Review

When consulting with Dr. Lowenstein, you will be asked to describe your headache in detail. These images, in conjunction with a headache log and our headache history form, will allow Dr. Lowenstein to have an individualized discussion regarding your particular migraine headaches.

Please consider downloading and printing these images, and drawing on the figures in the following areas:

  • Where your headache originates
  • Where your headache radiates to
  • Any other details that you would like to include

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