Targeted Injection Mapping (TIM) Protocol

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Targeted injection mapping allows identification of the nerves that are the root cause of your migraine headache. Recent breakthroughs in migraine research have discovered that many migraines are caused by constricted nerves outside of the brain, and TIM allows a detailed mapping of the nerves that are problematic.

Nerves outside the brain that originate at the spine in the back of the neck, or from the trigeminal nerve in the front and sides of the neck, are often the cause of migraine pain. Though the migraine patient may not feel these nerves during an attack of intense migraine pain, it has been discovered that a kind of distress signal from these nerves gets sent back to the brain to trigger the cascade of symptoms associated with migraine pain. This condition of nerve inflammation is called neuralgia. The understanding that these neuralgias are often the cause of migraines has been a tremendous breakthrough in the potential for curing migraines.

Targeted Injection Mapping allows Dr. Lowenstein to create a roadmap of sorts to discover which nerves are inflamed. This allows customization of your care and the ability to address the source of your pain. Migraine surgery is not a one size fits all type of operation, and treating you as an individual is a primary focus of our care at Migraine Surgery Specialty Center.

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How Does Targeted Injection Mapping Work?

Inflamed nerves, like normal nerves, send signals back to the brain. When you touch something with your finger, the nerves in your finger send signals to your brain that something is hard, soft, hot, cold, etcetera. When an inflamed nerve sends signals back to the brain, the signal is PAIN. Targeted nerve mapping uses a local anesthetic, such as lidocaine or procainamide, to block the signal from the inflamed nerve, and thus block the pain signal that leads to your migraine headache. By injecting this local anesthetic at various points, Dr. Lowenstein can block individual nerves that have been recognized as culprits in triggering migraines. By blocking these nerves sequentially, Dr. Lowenstein can form a map of the distress calls that your brain is receiving, and know how to formulate a plan to address them.

Can Botox be used with the TIM protocol?

Targeted Injection mapping for migraine headaches allows Dr. Lowenstein to identify the problem nerves, but figuring out how to best address them is a process that you are intricately a part of. Once the TIM protocol has created a map of your migraine trigger nerves, the decision as to whether to proceed to surgery or whether to utilize a less invasive means of managing your migraine pain is a decision that depends on you. If migraine surgery is not an option that you are looking for, often times Botox can be used around the nerves that are producing your migraine distress signal. For nerves that are inflamed because of constriction of the surrounding muscles, targeted Botox causes relaxation of those muscles that can allow your neuralgia to settle down and reduce the distress signals to the brain, thus reducing the frequency or severity of your migraines.

More discussion regarding Botox can be found here, particularly the discussion of how targeted Botox utilizing the TIM protocol differs from Botox injections you might have had in the past by other migraine doctors.

Alternatively, if the TIM protocol produces a nerve trigger map that is appropriate for migraine surgery, you may choose this more permanent option for achieving migraine relief. More information about migraine surgery can be found here.

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