At Migraine Surgery Specialty Center, Dr. Lowenstein treats patients from all around the US and from abroad.  With our Denver Migraine Surgery Office as well, our center often hosts migraine patients who travel significantly for Dr. Lowenstein’s experience and care.  If you are driving up from Los Angeles for migraine surgery, or further south from Orange County or San Diego, a few day’s stay in Santa Barbara for you and your care giver is all that may be required for your acute care around the time of your procedure.  For those flying in from farther away and particularly the mountain West and Canada where many of our patients come from, you can expect to hop back on your flight home a few days following your outpatient migraine surgery procedure.

If your family accompanies you to Santa Barbara, there will be much for them to do– there are so many things to enjoy during a visit here. Nursing assistance can be arranged during your stay, if you wish, while your family’s activities can be scheduled with concierge services.

We ask that patients visiting from afar fill out contact information found here. A member of our staff will subsequently contact you.  A phone call to our patient coordinators at 805-969-9004 can additionally provide much of the information you may be looking for about migraine surgery as well as the logistics of a stay in Santa Barbara, such as local hotel options to fit your expectations and budget.

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