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Welcome to the Headache360 Podcast! Dr. Adam Lowenstein will interview different specialists in the headache field, to provide you with outstanding information on the diagnosis and treatment of chronic headaches and migraines.

If you have any questions you’d like him to answer in future podcasts, please submit them to questions@headachesurgery.com

Dr. Adam Lowenstein is also featured discussing migraine surgery on the podcast “Beauty and the Surgeon”


Episode 16: “I am headache free…” A Headache Story

Episode 15: The Headache Neurologist on the Cutting Edge

Episode 14: Procedures for Migraines and Headaches

Episode 13: Migraine Surgery

Episode 12: The Migraine Diva, The Migraine Advocate

Episode 11: Migraine Medications: A discussion with Migraine Expert Neurologist Dr. Hossein Ansari

Episode 10: The TMJ/Headache Specialist Dentist

Episode 9: The Migraine Miracle Massage Therapist

Episode 8: The Neurologist Headache Specialist

Episode 7: The Physical Therapist

Episode 6: Listener Questions- Post-Traumatic Headaches

Episode 5: The Emergency Room Doctor

Episode 4: The Migraine Doctor with Migraines

Episode 3: The Nutritional Therapist

Episode 2: The Interventional Pain Doctor

Episode 1: Introduction to the Headache 360 Podcast

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