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The Dysfunction of Headache Diagnoses and the Path to Relief

Does migraine surgery work for daily persistent headaches? What about for new daily persistent headaches? How about for chronic daily headaches? Migraines? Tension headaches? So many diagnoses behind the pain of severe headaches, you can get a migraine just thinking about it. Short answer to all of the questions above is “Yes.” Additionally, nerve decompression,…

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Headache 360 Podcast: Migraine Surgery

Speaker 1: Welcome to Headache 360 podcast, a place to listen and learn about the diagnosis and treatment of chronic headache and migraine pain, because information can be the best medicine. Dr. Lowenstein: Hello and welcome to the Headache 360 podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Adam Lowenstein. Today we’re going to talk about migraine surgery.…

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