• HEAT and your headaches

    Weather can be a trigger for migraines as well as several other headache syndromes.  I’m finding that this time of year in Southern California, and even in Colorado where my Denver office is located, can be the worst time of year for those yearning for headache relief.  Los Angeles recorded record-breaking temperatures of 121 degrees […]

  • Why Do I Get Headaches Every Day?

    Headaches are a problem we may not be surprised to experience now and then. When a person has headaches 15 or more days out of each month, we refer to this as chronic daily headaches. This state of being may involve tension headaches, cluster headaches, or migraines. Sometimes, it is a combination of different headaches […]

  • Spinal Surgery vs Migraine Surgery… Learn the Difference

    I was called by a prospective patient today who was clearly confused about the recommendations she had gotten from her other doctors. This very nice woman from Fort Collins, Colorado has suffered headache pain for many years since a whiplash accident. This story is classic for chronic headache pain that can be treated with migraine […]

  • A Migraine Clinic for Los Angeles that Provides Headache Relief for over 90% of its Patients? Yes, That’s Right.

    Migraine headaches can ruin a life.  Added frustrations from bouncing between different unsuccessful treatments and doctors can create a perfect storm of helplessness and hopelessness.  Migraine Surgery aims to break that cycle and provide long-lasting, significant relief from migraine pain.  Los Angeles now has access to that therapy. Let’s do some math.  Nearly 1/4 of […]

  • What are Cluster Headaches?

    Not all headaches are created equal. Some people experience occasional tension headaches. Some get migraines every so often. Cluster headaches are another common cause of head pain. For those who struggle with frequent pain, it is helpful to gain an understanding of the potential underlying cause so appropriate care may be found. Here, we discuss […]

  • Targeted Injection Mapping Helps Us Get Results

    The diagnosis and treatment of migraine headaches have historically been relatively complicated. Patients needing relief from recurring migraine symptoms have often expressed frustration at the lack of lasting results they have been able to achieve with help from their doctor. We understand this frustration, and we are committed to paving a new way for our […]

  • Information to Help You Determine if Migraine Surgery May be Right for You

    It isn’t difficult to identify the symptoms of a migraine. Those who experience these headaches often have to retreat to dark spaces in an attempt to manage excruciating pain coupled with vision problems, nausea, or a host of other symptoms. One of the prominent indications of a migraine besides the degree of pain is the […]

  • What is Occipital Neuralgia and What Do We Do About It?

    Most of us are familiar, at least vaguely, with what it means to have a migraine headache. Occipital neuralgia, however, is another story. This inflammatory condition that affects the occipital nerves at the back of the neck and head is much, much less well-known. The term may be used primarily by physicians who diagnose and […]

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