Published February 11, 2018 By Adam Lowenstein

I”m very excited about our newest venture, which will involve bringing our successes in providing migraine relief to Denver Colorado.  This will provide a more central access point to so many migraine sufferers in the central part of the United States, including Arizona, Kansas, Wyoming, and Utah.

I was fortunate enough to live and practice in Denver prior to moving to Santa Barbara about 10 years ago, and Colorado holds a very special place in my heart.  Since leaving Denver, my family has maintained a home in the Colorado Rocky Mountains where i still spend a good deal of time.  There is nothing like the recreation and beauty found in the Colorado landscape, and the people of Colorado are some of the nicest around.

The altitude, weather changes, and active lifestyles of Colorado can also provide triggers for migraine headaches.  We have heard from many patients from Denver and elsewhere in Colorado that there seems to be a void in migraine surgery care there, and I am really thrilled with the opportunity to fill that void.  With many excellent headache and migraine centers from the University of Colorado to private neurology practices in Denver, I look forward to augmenting the current excellent medical care for migraine and occipital neuralgia patients with operative options for microsurgical nerve decompression. 

For those Denver patients new to migraine surgery who may be unfamiliar with the procedures I use to provide lasting relief for pain associated with migraine headaches and occipital neuralgia, I ask that you look through our website which provides a lot of educational information.  Importantly, I will continue to maintain my primary practice in Santa Barbara servicing the Southern California migraine population.  My family remains in Santa Barbara and my children are very happy in their schools and with their friends 🙂

For the time being, I will be coming to Denver every other week to see patients and arrange for their migraine surgery.  As the needs of the migraine community in Colorado evolve, so will our practice.  For the time being, my migraine center in Southern California will be managing my patient schedule even at our Denver location.  Patients from all over the country should continue to correspond with us at our 805-969-9004 phone number, and through our contact form.  I plan on operating on patients in the Denver area as well as offering packages to patients that would prefer surgery at our own surgery center in Santa Barbara.

I am currently finalizing some arrangements for the location of my Denver migraine surgery office which will likely be in Cherry Creek (allowing me easy access to lunch at the Cherry Cricket, one of my favorite old hangouts.)  As these arrangements are finalized, they will be reflected on our website and in further correspondence.

I could not be more excited about expanding our abilities to help migraine and occipital neuralgia patients find relief from their pain.  The opportunity to bring a center of excellence in migraine surgery to the Denver Colorado area will be, I hope, rewarding for both me and the migraine headache community for years to come.

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