Published January 22, 2017 By Adam Lowenstein

A lot of headache patients deal with pain and difficulty on a day to day basis.  On occasion I think it’s important to reflect on the good and the inspirational to get our mind right and realize that no matter how hard life may seem, there are fantastic stories that can be uplifting.  So… periodically you will find things here on my headache surgery blog that have very little to do with migraine headache surgery.

Now granted I’m a big fan of the University of Wisconsin Badgers as they are my alma matter, but I don’t think you can argue that as a young man, Nigel Hayes is one of the most thoughtful and inspirational heros that even us old guys can look up to.  If you have some time, watch how a 22 year old works to help his community and bring a smile to a dying father’s last days.  Watch ’em both…

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