Published October 26, 2017 By Adam Lowenstein

Yesterday I saw yet another migraine headache patient who was a week out from her migraine surgery, and yet again this patient was thrilled with the migraine relief.  She told me she felt that the migraine surgery changed her life.  She was all smiles in the followup appointment, as opposed to completely dreary when I first met her last month . Her husband told me that it’s been many years since he has seen her smile as much as she has since the surgery over the past week.

I can’t lie that I get teary when I hear these comments from patients and their families, as it is so satisfying to have a migraine headache patient find relief from otherwise debilitating migraine pain.  Though I have these tears of joy, I’m also very saddened that so many patients with chronic migraines don’t know that there is a procedure to provide relief from the migraine headache pain.  How can we fix this?

For my part, I’m spending a lot of time on social media, meeting with pain doctors, and particularly looking for ways to get the nearby Los Angeles migraine headache population to understand that migraine surgery can often provide long term migraine relief.  Let’s just think about this…. Los Angeles has 3.976 million people in the city, while the greater Los Angeles area has an estimated 18.7 million people.  Conservatively 12% of the population suffers from migraine headaches, and this means that there are approximately 2.24 million migraine sufferers in the greater Los Angeles area alone.  That’s over 2 million Los Angeles migraine headache patients that we could help find relief even if we only counted people who could easily drive to our Migraine Headache Center.

So, I’m honestly a bit frustrated that more migraine sufferers don’t know that there is hope for relief.  And I’m taking suggestions!  Please feel free to leave comments on our Facebook page and let us know if you have any ideas on how to let more migraine patients know…. migraine surgery can help!!!

If you have questions about migraine headache surgery or would like to make an appointment either in person or by phone or video conference, please call us at 805-969-9004.  Finding out more information about this option for migraine relief can at the very least be informative and at the very most be life changing.

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