Published December 15, 2020 By Adam Lowenstein

The holiday season is typically a busy one. Even this year, many of the people we speak with are planning to attend holiday events either in person or virtually. For those with migraines, an increase in activity and stress or any change in routine can trigger head pain and other symptoms. There is no time at which it is convenient to get a migraine. Here, we discuss some of the common migraine relief tools that may be tried to minimize the risk of holiday headaches.

Pain Relief

Several strategies may help reduce pain when used at the first sign of discomfort. These include:

  • Studies suggest that the body cannot feel cold and pain from the same area simultaneously. This is one reason people use ice to treat an injury. For head pain, cold therapy could involve placing an ice pack against the back of the neck or head or using a cold roller all over the head.
  • A heating pad, especially one with aromatherapy, may be helpful for pain that originates in the shoulders and neck. Warming tensed muscles instigates relaxation that may reduce or prevent head pain. This may be more relevant in the management of tension headaches than migraines.
  • Epsom salt baths, with or without relaxing essential oils, are known to relieve muscle pain and tension. More than a pampering act of self-care, an Epsom salt bath replenishes magnesium levels, which have been said to facilitate good muscle function.

Light Sensitivity

  • Wear eyeglasses that block the wavelength of light found in fluorescent lighting. If necessary, wear a pair of sunglasses to reduce the amount of light entering the eyes.
  • Sit or lie down for a few minutes with a chilled or weighted eye mask over the eyes.

Sound Sensitivity

  • Keep a pair of earplugs or noise-canceling earbuds nearby and put them on at the first sign of sensitivity.

No migraine tool is completely effective in every situation. You may have to try several to reduce pain. For some people, no migraine remedy is sufficient. Having suffered from migraine headaches for over twenty years, Dr. Lowenstein knows how frustrating it can be to try to manage recurrent head pain. Migraine surgery is a long lasting solution that can make this task much easier. To learn more, call 805.969.9004 to schedule a consultation at our Los Angeles area office.

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