Published April 27, 2018 By Adam Lowenstein

Why do patients from Los Angeles or Las Vegas travel to visit the Migraine Surgery Specialty Center for Migraine Relief?

Dr. Lowenstein’s interest in migraine surgery stems from personal experience. From a very young age, Dr. Lowenstein has personally experienced the pain of chronic migraines, and understands like few other doctors do what a migraine actually feels like, and what a migraine can do to your life. Dr. Lowenstein developed migraines as a child, and despite the condition affecting 10% of school-aged children, it remains insufficiently understood. Attempts to treat the pain involved him taking many different types of over the counter medications. By the age of 11, Dr. Lowenstein had taken so much aspirin for his headaches that his body turned against the drug and developed a severe, life-threatening allergy to it.

Dr. Lowenstein had the misfortune of suffering from migraines without relief through college, 4 years of medical school, 5 years of general surgery residency, and 2 further years of plastic surgery training. In the 10 years that followed (up to his 40’s) he suffered with severe pain radiating from the back of his head to behind his eye, in a manner than none of his peers could understand. It was not until the age of 43 that Dr. Lowenstein found a medication that could control his migraine pain symptoms.

So many of our patients have shared with us that they feel misunderstood. We frequently hear that patients see neurologists, pain doctors, and even other migraine surgeons who don’t seem to understand their pain, their lives, and their need for relief. Doctors may call migraine patients “drug seekers” or hypochondriacs. Peers in the work environment will certainly not understand the effects of such severe pain. Family members can have trouble dealing with the depression and anger that can accompany migraine pain. Here is one of the main differences in Dr. Lowenstein’s care – he gets it, and he gets you. That is why he understands how imperative it is that you receive a treatment that has a real lasting positive effect, through a procedure that is designed to maximize your comfort.

Whether you are seen at our Denver, Colorado facility or our Santa Barbara, California Center, our patients at the Migraine Surgery Specialty Center benefit from an unparalleled understanding of migraine pain. Dr. Lowenstein spends time listening to migraine headache patients, and tailors surgical options to their particular lives. Nothing in his extensive surgical practice gives Dr. Lowenstein more pleasure than the stories of patients whose lives have been changed by migraine surgery.

But there is another aspect of the Migraine Surgery Specialty Center that sets our care apart from other migraine institutes, and that is our surgical facility. It takes a really good reason for most of our patients to travel up the 101 from Los Angeles, or fly in from farther away. Most, if not all other migraine surgeons operate in hospitals or surgery centers where the team caring for you as a surgical patient may or may not be familiar with the operations performed for nerve decompression in migraine surgery cases. The Migraine Surgery Specialty Center is different.

At our Center, Dr. Lowenstein has his own personalized operating room, that he personally designed and that he and only he uses. Our team is well-versed in migraine surgery operations. We work together day after day, and can anticipate Dr. Lowenstein’s directions and requests because we’ve all done this before. Our anesthesia provider and operative nurses understand what is required for preparing and positioning a migraine surgical patient, because it’s different than other surgical procedures. Our equipment is all hand picked by Dr. Lowenstein and maintained to the finest precision. And since our technology and instruments are never shared with other surgeons or other teams that may not appreciate their delicate nature, everything is maintained and utilized just the way Dr. Lowenstein wishes. As an only child, Dr. Lowenstein is VERY particular about the way our Center runs, and the manner in which we provide only the best care for all our migraine pain patients.

Perhaps the best part of our operative facility for migraine patients is our recovery room. Unlike other facilities, our recovery room is a single patient unit, where our nurses can tend to the needs of our post-operative migraine patient without needing to deal with any other patients. Unlike other surgery centers where other patients may be undergoing surgeries nearby, or that may be loud or discomforting, our quiet, peaceful recovery room allows for the most pleasant post-operative recovery possible, with the undivided attention of one to one care.

Patients from Oregon, Kansas, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Bakersfield come for their migraine surgery care at our Center because we are different. At the Migraine Surgery Specialty Center, we provide individualized and meticulous care from a surgeon who truly understands what migraine pain is really like. Dr. Lowenstein created our Center with you in mind, and he insists on treating his migraine patients only as he would want to be treated – with special understanding, and personalized uncompromising care.

To find out more about Dr. Lowenstein and our facility, please call our Center at 805-969-9004.

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