Published August 11, 2020 By Adam Lowenstein

Migraine headaches can ruin a life.  Added frustrations from bouncing between different unsuccessful treatments and doctors can create a perfect storm of helplessness and hopelessness.  Migraine Surgery aims to break that cycle and provide long-lasting, significant relief from migraine pain.  Los Angeles now has access to that therapy.

Let’s do some math.  Nearly 1/4 of households in the United States include someone who suffers from migraines.  With about 3.5 million households in Los Angeles, that means that 875,000 households in Los Angeles have someone who has migraine headache pain.

There are about 10 million people in Los Angeles County, and 82% of them are over 18 years old which is the time that many migraines begin to show up.  Since 18% of women have migraines, you are hardly alone if you are lying in bed in Los Angeles with migraine pain.  In fact, with over 4 million adult females in Los Angeles, that means that there are nearly 500,000 women in Los Angeles county who also have migraine headaches.  That does not include the 250,000 men who suffer as well, nor the many many children that have migraines.

So we can establish that Los Angeles has a lot of headache pain.  And Los Angeles has a lot of great doctors.  Many of the men, women, and children of Los Angeles are going to be fortunate to find relief with preventative medications, triptans, or the new CRGP inhibitors such as Aimovig.  Still, others will benefit from physical therapy or daith piercings or one of the other non-mainstream modalities of migraine relief.  But for the many patients that bounce between unsuccessful modalities, mediations, and doctors, migraine surgery can be a saving grace.  See examples of lives turned around here.

How can Migraine Surgery improve the lives of migraine sufferers in Los Angeles?  Short answer, see our testimonial page.  But the long answer…

We now understand that many if not most migraines, tension headaches, and many other kinds of headaches are simply different pain syndromes resulting from irritation of peripheral nerves in the head and neck.  Irritation of these nerves, the occipital nerves, supraorbital nerves, or other small nerves in these areas, sends distress signals to the brain.  The brain processes these signals into different headache syndromes, from migraines to chronic daily headaches, from auras to pain to nausea.

The goal of migraine surgery for patients in Los Angeles, a goal that is achieved over 90% of the time, is to improve and often completely eliminate the pain, aura, nausea, photophobia, dizziness, and all of the other symptoms of migraine or other headache syndromes.  This is done by addressing the peripheral nerves that are the root cause of the migraine, using specialized surgical techniques via well-hidden incisions during a short outpatient surgical procedure.  Dr. Lowenstein’s migraine surgery techniques prevent surrounding tight muscle, connective tissue, and sometimes bone or blood vessels from compressing and irritating the nerves that are sending the distress signals to the brain.

The elimination of the distress signals mean the reduction or elimination of the headache pain, and the success of this procedure is over 90%.  Half of those patients see a reduction in pain by over 50%, while the other half see a complete resolution of headache pain.  The surgery is relatively short, extremely safe with low risk, and is NOT BRAIN SURGERY.  Migraine surgery works on the nerves just below the skin and muscle and eliminates the distress signals going to the brain, avoiding any surgery on the brain itself.  Recovery is usually a few short weeks.  Pain is often relieved immediately after surgery, and even patients who are in constant migraine pain (status migrainosus) often declare the immediate relief in the recovery room immediately following the procedure.

Dr. Lowenstein could not be happier to offer this migraine relief to the migraine sufferers in Los Angeles.  Put an end to the lost days of work.  Can’t join the family headed to Malibu or Manhattan beach because of a migraine?  Those days are over as well.  Let your family see what it’s like to have you around without a headache following a stressful day at work, whether your office is in Brentwood or Orange County.  While migraine surgery can’t fix the Los Angeles traffic on the 5, the 101, or the 405, wouldn’t it be great if the frustration from driving in LA didn’t cause a severe headache?  All of that Los Angeles headache pain can be improved or eliminated with the short surgical procedure by Dr. Lowenstein.

Please take the time to learn more about your migraine surgery options at where Dr. Lowenstein has provided the largest, most educational website on migraine surgery on the internet.  Contact our patient coordinators at 805-969-9004 with your questions, and when it’s time to put an end to the severe frequent headache pain, you’ll know a resource is available to you that can provide a high rate of long-lasting success… and the relief of migraine pain in the Los Angeles area.

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